31-05-2018 - University of Luxembourgand the European Law Institute

This event, organised by the University of Luxembourg and the European Law Institute, is to be held on 31st May 2018 at the University of Luxembour...

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24-05-2018 to 25-05-2018
European Centre for Penological Studies

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17-05-2018 to 18-05-2018
ECLAN - Queen Mary, University of London

The Annual Conference of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN) will be on 'Privacy and Surveillance in a Digital Era: Challenges for T...

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26-01-2018 to 27-01-2018
School of Law, Queen Mary University of London / Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law / European & International Criminal Law Institute

The typical trial-oriented systems of criminal justice that are primarily based on the strict application of substantive criminal law have reached ...

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26-01-2018 - Universiteit Utrecht
16-11-2017 to 17-11-2017
University of Basel - ECLAN

ECLAN PhD Seminar 2017: The EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Special session (but not exclusive): Facing the Digital Revolution Harmoni...

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23-10-2017 to 24-10-2017
ERA - Academy of European Law
12-10-2017 to 13-10-2017
ERA - Academy of European Law
28-09-2017 to 29-09-2017
University of Luxembourg

The effectiveness of defence rights granted by EU legal instruments does not simply rely on their correct implementation under national law, but al...

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27-09-2017 to 29-09-2017
University of Cambridge and Université Libre de Bruxelles