Conference "Towards European criminal procedural law"

Date: 06 to 07-02-2020

Location: Nantes

Languages: French and English

Fees: € 0

Organiser: Université de Nantes

Partnership: Alliance Europa ; CNRS ; Droit et Changement Social

Website: (incoming)

Type: Conference

The gradual increase of the European Union’s competences in the field of criminal law, and the growing ambition of the European Commission’s proposals, make criminal law one of the areas of EU law on which most attention is focused. At the heart of this field, criminal procedural law is made particularly interesting by its position at the intersection of two sectors that were traditionally excluded from the European Union’s harmonisation competences: criminal law and procedural law. It also remains an area of significant discrepancies among the Member States. Although the impact of European integration on criminal procedure cannot be studied in isolation from instruments which primarily relate to substantial criminal law, the European law of criminal procedure warrants specific attention.

The Université de Nantes is proud to invite us to its Conference "Towards European criminal procedural law".

The speakers will present us the systemic requirements for a European Law of Criminal procedure and the emergence of criminal procedure as a distinct field of European Union law. Different panels of participants will examine the subjects of :

- Mutual recognition in EU criminal procedural law;

- Procedural guarantees and Human Rights in European criminal justice;

- The emergence of an EU competence;

- The European Public Prosecutor;

- Creating EU standards in criminal procedure;

- Impact of EU criminal procedural law beyond its scope.

Registration is required on the website (coming up soon).

The lectures will be both in French and in English.