Events 2020

03-01-2020 - ERA

Objective The UK’s withdrawal from the EU and hence from the European criminal justice area has significant consequences for judicial cooperation ...

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16-01-2020 to 17-01-2020
Utchrecht University

With this blog post, we would like to announce the creation of the Jean Monnet Network on EU law Enforcement (EULEN). EULEN is an initiative of ...

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06-02-2020 to 07-02-2020
Université de Nantes

The gradual increase of the European Union’s competences in the field of criminal law, and the growing ambition of the European Commission’s propos...

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12-03-2020 to 13-03-2020

Objective This annual conference will analyse the current European policy and legal framework for countering white-collar crime, as well as change...

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16-04-2020 to 17-04-2020
Vienna University of Economics and Business

The Annual Conference of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN) will be on 'Collection and Admissibility of Evidence in Europe' (provis...

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14-05-2020 to 15-05-2020
Leiden University, Maastricht University and Utrecht University

Leiden University, Utrecht University and Maastricht University are organizing a two day conference on extradition and surrender, offering a venue ...

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