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by Valsamis Mitsilegas, Alberto di Martino, Leandro Mancano (Eds) - book

The Court of Justice and European Criminal Law. Leading Cases in a Contextual Analysis

The aim of this book is to provide an insight into the landmark rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in European Criminal Law (ECL). As in other areas of EU law, the decisions of the CJEU have been a driving force for development and integration. By analysing the impact of these leading cases on EU and national law, the book provides a diachronic and multifaceted...
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by Auke Willems - article

The Court of Justice of the European Union’s Mutual Trust Journey in EU Criminal Law: From a Presumption to (Room for) Rebuttal

More than any other EU institution, the Court of Justice of the European Union has upheld the presumption of mutual trust in EU criminal law cooperation. Surprisingly though, despite mutual...
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by Leandro Mancano - book

The European Union and Deprivation of Liberty. A Legislative and Judicial Analysis from the Perspective of the Individual

The European Union and Deprivation of Liberty examines the EU legislative and judicial approach to deprivation of liberty from the perspective of the following fundamental rights and principles:...
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by Dr Paul Arnell - article

Extradition and Mental Health in UK Law

The response of UK extradition law and practice to requested persons presenting with mental health disorders is multi-faceted and unnecessarily complex. There are a number of reasons for this....
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by Simone Lonati - article

Is the European Protection Order Sufficiently Robust to Prevent Any Discrimination Among Victims Moving Across the European Union? An Assessment of the First Seven Years

The purpose of this paper is, on the one hand, to highlight the reasons that have thus far prevented a systematic and widespread recourse to the commendable (in intent at least) European...
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by Sergio Carrera; Valsamis Mitsilegas; Marco Stefan; Fabio Giuffrida - study

Criminal Justice and Police Cooperation between the EU and the UK after Brexit - Towards a principled and trust-based partnership

Brexit poses several challenges for future interaction between the EU and the UK in the areas of criminal justice and police cooperation. A new legal framework will be required to sustain the EU’s...
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by Leandro Mancano - article

Judicial Harmonisation through Autonomous Concepts of European Union Law. The Example of the European Arrest Warrant Framework Decision

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has been a key institutional actor for the promotion of legal integration within the EU. On many occasions, such a function has been performed to...
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