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by Prof. Jan Crijns Prof. Matthias Haentjens Prof. Rijnhard Haentjens (ed) - book

The Enforcement of EU Financial Law

This book focuses on the enforcement of EU financial law on the national and supra-national levels. Emphasis is laid on the interaction between the EU and national levels (vertical interaction), as well as between the private, administrative, and criminal law levels (horizontal interaction). The book takes a multi-jurisdiction and inter-disciplinary approach and covers a range of issues that...
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by Prof. Dr. John Vervaele, Prof. Dr. Stanisław Tosza (eds) - collective_book

Combatting Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. In Search of Optimal Enforcement

The book “Combatting Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. In Search of Optimal Enforcement” was edited by Stanisław Tosza and John Vervaele and has been recently published by Springer. It results...
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by Vanessa Franssen, Christopher Harding - book

Criminal and Quasi-criminal Enforcement Mechanisms in Europe

This book looks at the interplay between criminal and public law. The need for clarifying the concepts and the interlink between administrative and criminal enforcement is a topic attracting a lot...
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by Claes Lernestedt and Matt Matravers (eds) - collective_book

The Criminal Law’s Person

Encounters between criminal-law scholars and those working in ‘explanatory’ and ‘behavioural’ sciences have often been characterised by mutual distrust and defensiveness. To break this deadlock, a...
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by Lucy Welsh - book

Access to Justice in Magistrates' Courts. A Study of Defendant Marginalisation

This book examines access to justice in summary criminal proceedings by considering the ability of defendants to play an active and effective role in the process. The author argues that defendants...
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by Valsamis Mitsilegas and Niovi Vavoula - book

Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital Age

What impact has the evolution and proliferation of surveillance in the digital age had on fundamental rights? This important collection offers a critical assessment from a European, transatlantic...
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by Paul Arnell and Stefanie Bock, Gemma Davies, Liane Woerner - article

Police Cooperation and Exchange of Information Under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Brexit has led to a realignment of police cooperation and information exchange between the EU and the UK. This has been affected by Titles II-V and IX of Part III of the Trade and Cooperation...
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