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by Prof. Dr. John Vervaele, Prof. Dr. Stanisław Tosza (eds) (English)

Combatting Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. In Search of Optimal Enforcement

The book “Combatting Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. In Search of Optimal Enforcement” was edited by Stanisław Tosza and John Vervaele and has been recently published by Springer. It results from the UU Illicit Tobacco Trade Project, which was financed entirely by Utrecht University.

This book focuses on the enforcement aspect of tobacco control policy, and argues that the intense regulation of the tobacco market will never be successful as long as it can be circumvented by the availability of illicit tobacco products. Combining criminological and legal perspectives, it presents and critically analyses the phenomenon of illicit tobacco trade, as well as the policies, legal frameworks and practices in six EU countries with regard to combatting this phenomenon, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their approaches. Furthermore, it studies the relationship between the EU and third countries (e.g. Ukraine) in terms of how the EU can influence policy and enforcement in these countries in order to counter illicit tobacco trafficking. Not exclusively focusing on the EU, the book also includes an analysis of enforcement against illicit tobacco products in the US.

Journal/Publisher: Springer Cham

Publication type: Collective book

Number of pages/Page range: 593

Language/s (content): English

Date of publication: 20-05-22

Personal data

Full name Stanisław Tosza

Current occupation Professor

University/Institution University of Luxembourg