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by Leandro Mancano - article

Judicial harmonisation through autonomous concepts of European Union Law: The example of the European Arrest Warrant Framework decision

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has been a key institutional actor for the promotion of legal integration within the EU. On many occasions, such a function has been performed to fill or supplement the harmonisation gap left, intentionally or not, by the Union legislature. In this sense, an important tool resorted to by the CJEU to achieve closer integration has been the...
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by Simone Lonati - article

Anonymous Witness Evidence before the European Court of Human Rights: Is It Still Possible to Speak of "Fair Trial"?

The purpose of this paper is to encourage a reflection on the use of anonymous witness evidence by the European Court of Human Rights. An analysis of the leading cases solved by the Strasbourg...
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by Miroslava Schloten and Michiel Luchtman - collective_book

Law Enforcement by EU Authorities: Implications for Political and Judicial Accountability

Law Enforcement by EU Authorities is the first comprehensive study of a new development in the field of EU law and governance: the proliferation of EU enforcement authorities (EEAs). It offers an...
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by Jacob Öberg - book

Limits to EU Powers: A Case Study of EU Regulatory Criminal Law

Pursuant to the precepts of EU law, EU policy-makers are bound to ensure that any EU legislation must fall within the remit of the EU's competences. This monograph looks at this highly contested...
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by Johan Boucht - book

The limits of asset confiscation: on the legitimacy of extended appropriation of criminal proceeds

This book provides a normative analysis of the justifications and limits of asset confiscation as a crime control measure in a comparative perspective. More specifically, it deals with what in...
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by Michael Dougan - book

The UK after Brexit

The UK after Brexit is the result of a cooperation between a group of leading academics from top institutions in the UK and beyond. It offers students, practitioners and scholars an authoritative,...
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by Malin Thunberg Schunke - book

Extended confiscation in criminal law

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the measure of extended confiscation as an instrument of criminal policy. National and international regimes on confiscation are viewed from a...
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