AIDP 2019 - International Congress of Penal law 2019 "Criminal Justice and Corporate Business"

Date: 13 to 16-11-2019

Location: LUISS Guido Carli, Roma

Languages: English / Italian

Fees: € 105

Organiser: AIDP - International Association of Criminal Law

Partnership: LUISS, Association Internationale de Droit Pénal - Gruppo Italiano


Type: Congress

“The AIDP – Association Internationale de Droit Pénal is the oldest scientific Association of specialists in penal law and numbers over 3,000 members, including university professors, lawyers, magistrates, researchers, students and criminal law practitioners. Every five years, the Association draws together AIDP members from around the world for its International Congress, preceded by four preparatory colloquia on the same macro-themes, representing a solid point of reference for international public governance in the definition of the most modern and effective strategies in criminal and economic policy. The 2019 International Congress will focus on the relationship between criminal justice and corporate business. This reflects the fact that criminal justice is increasingly addressing corporations, due to their growing role in our societies, and given the national legislative measures aimed at involving businesses in crime prevention. In the event of regulation breaches, compliance thus becomes a possible vehicle for company accountability, while also providing the main path leading to fair competition between those companies that have firmly chosen to move within the sphere of legality. The main point is to reconcile the various interests at stake, by finding a proper balance between the needs to exercise the business activity, on the one hand, and the need to protect the rights of the people involved, on the other. The numerous plenary and parallel sessions of the Congress will therefore focus on subjects of particular relevance to the international debate. Such topics have long been on the agenda of governments as crucial goals for the creation of truly sustainable development: food law and criminal justice, the fight against corruption, new technologies and economic criminal law, regulation and market control from an internal and European perspective, the responsibility of corporations for the protection of human rights, the elaboration of genuinely supranational business criminal law, and the harmonization of laws at international level to promote the development of areas of fair competition.

The 2019 International Congress will represent an extraordinary opportunity to foster the debate with representatives of institutions, governments, the judiciary, academia, entrepreneurial and Confindustria world. All this while also placing Italy and Rome at the heart of the event, having been chosen once more as the ideal conference venue, fifty years after it was last hosted there.”