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by Charles ELSEN in Georges ESTIEVENART (Ed.), "Policies and strategies to combat drugs in Europe: The Treaty on European Union, framework for a new European strategy to combact Drugs?" - book_chapter

Drugs as a priority in cooperation in the fields of Justice and Home Affairs

This volume arose from a European Scientific Seminar on 'Strategies and Policies to Combat Drugs', which was organized by the Commission of the European Communities at the European University...
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by Iain CAMERON - book

The protective principle of International criminal jurisdiction

This work examines the role and function that the protective principle plays in international criminal law as a whole. It also analyzes the systems of criminal jurisdiction in Sweden and the...
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by Gert VERMEULEN - book

Essential Texts on International and European Criminal Law: Sixth Edition

This pocket book is comprised of the principal policy documents and multilateral legal instruments on international and European criminal law, with a special focus on Europol and Eurojust, as well...
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by Annika SUOMINEN - article

The Past, Present and Future of Eurojust

The objective of this article is to shed some light on the current situation of co-operation in criminal matters in the EU, especially with regard to Eurojust. With the Lisbon Treaty, the area of...
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