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by Charles ELSEN in Georges ESTIEVENART (Ed.), "Policies and strategies to combat drugs in Europe: The Treaty on European Union, framework for a new European strategy to combact Drugs?" - book_chapter

Drugs as a priority in cooperation in the fields of Justice and Home Affairs

This volume arose from a European Scientific Seminar on 'Strategies and Policies to Combat Drugs', which was organized by the Commission of the European Communities at the European University Institute in Florence in December 1993. The significance of the seminar lay in the manner in which it sought to address the full range of issues associated with the drug problem at international, national...
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by Iain CAMERON - book

The protective principle of International criminal jurisdiction

This work examines the role and function that the protective principle plays in international criminal law as a whole. It also analyzes the systems of criminal jurisdiction in Sweden and the...
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by Gert VERMEULEN - book

Essential Texts on International and European Criminal Law: Sixth Edition

This pocket book is comprised of the principal policy documents and multilateral legal instruments on international and European criminal law, with a special focus on Europol and Eurojust, as well...
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by Annika SUOMINEN - article

The Past, Present and Future of Eurojust

The objective of this article is to shed some light on the current situation of co-operation in criminal matters in the EU, especially with regard to Eurojust. With the Lisbon Treaty, the area of...
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