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by Frank HOPFEL in Mireille DELMAS-MARTY and John A.E. VERVAELE (Eds.), "The implementation of the Corpus Juris in the Member States - Volume 4" (English)

Vertical cooperation/coopération verticale: Admissibility and evaluation of evidence/admissibilité et évaluation des preuves, National Report of Austria

This follow-up to the Corpus Juris study aims to analyse the feasibility of the Corpus Juris in relation to the legislation of the Member States and also to analyse the horizontal and vertical cooperation in the Member States.

Journal/Publisher: Intersentia

Publication type: Book chapter

Number of pages/Page range: 271-274

Language/s (content): English

Date of publication: 02-01-01

Personal data

Full name Frank HOPFEL

Current occupation Member

University/Institution University of Vienna

Telephone 0043 1427734651