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by Ilias ANAGNOSTOPOULOS - article

Mutual assistance in the European Union: A model for the world?

The Council of the European Union (Brussels) established on May 29, 2000 in accordance with Article 34 of the Treaty on European Union the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters between Member States of the European Union (?the EU Convention?). The Council of the European Union is becoming the most important source of new legal instruments, producing conventions to be adopted...
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by Robert ROTH and Marc HENZELIN in Antonio CASSESE, Paola GAETA and John R.W.D. JONES (Eds.), "The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court : A commentary" - book_chapter

The appeal procedure of the ICC

The International Criminal Court (ICC) officially came into existence in July 2002 following the 60th ratification of the Rome Statute, heralding a new era for the effective prosecution and...
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by Sabine GLESS in Hans-Jorg ALBRECHT and Cyrille FIJNAUT, "The containment of transnational organized crime: comments on the UN convention of December 2000" - book_chapter

The prominent procedural issues: obtaining evidence abroad - A European approach

This book presents the proceedings of an international conference (December 13-15, 2001) on the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime, which was signed in December 2000...
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by Otto LAGODNY, Christopher L. BLAKESLEY and Eser ALBIN (Eds.) - book

The individual as subject of International cooperation in criminal matters

The individual's position as a "subject," commonplace in national proceedings, is not at all clear when the need for extradition, mutual assistance or some other form of international cooperation...
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by Andre KLIP and Härmen VAN DER WILT (Eds.) - book

Harmonisation and harmonising measures in criminal law

The aim of this research is to determine whether existing binding common legal instruments as well as non binding instruments result in an harmonising effect, in order to deduct conditions for...
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by Peter CULLEN and Sarah JUND - book

Criminal Justice Co-Operation in the European Union after Tampere

Area of Law: Police Cooperation
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by Giovanni GRASSO in Francesca LONGO (Ed.), "The European Union and the challenge of transnational organised crime, towards a common police and judicial approach" - article

Harmonisation of the national penal systems: a possible objective for the European Union?

SECTION 1 THE EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE MALCOM ANDERSON, European Police Co-operation - History and Theory MONICA DEN BOER, Institutional Shaping and Networking: Chances and Opportunities for...
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