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by Stefano MANACORDA - article

Restraints on death penalty in Europe: A circular process

That the European area is a zone free of capital punishment is the result of a complex process of restraints that has evolved over the last 50 years. Domestic, regional and universal international law, as well as certain components within each level, have influenced each other to produce a dynamic, circular movement towards abolition. Starting from the internal level, restraints on the death...
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by Valsamis MITSILEGAS in Margaret BEARE (Ed.), "Critical Reflections on Transnational Organized Crime, Money Laundering and Corruption" - article

From National to Global, from Empirical to Legal: The Ambivalent Concept of Transnational Organised Crime

The past decade has witnessed the domination of law enforcement, legal and policy discourses worldwide by the concept of transnational organised crime. Its prioritization has led to the adoption...
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by Giovanni GRASSO - article

Prospects and Limits of a European System of Criminal Justice

A number of factors have put European Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) issues and especially the prospects and limits of a common European criminal justice system at the centre of the European...
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by Valsamis MITSILEGAS, Jörg MONAR and Wyn REES - book

The European Union and Internal Security - Guardian of the People?

The subject of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) within the European Union only developed during the early 1990s and has consequently been a relatively neglected area of study. This however is no...
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by Anabela Miranda RODRIGUES - article

Criminal policy: new challenges, old ways

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by Steve PEERS - article

The European Union and substantive criminal law: Reinventing the wheel?

In recent years the European Union (EU) has played an increasing role in criminal law. A number of obligations for EU Member States have been agreed in various forms, ranging from substantive law...
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by Jaan GINTER - article

Compatibility of the Estonian Rules of Evidence in Criminal Procedure to the Needs for Protection of the Financial Interests of the European Community

The question to be examined here may be looked at from two completely different angles: 1) are the Estonian rules tough enough on fraudsters to enable effective protection of the financial...
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