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by Sabine GLESS in John A.E. VERVAELE (Ed.), "European evidence warrant - transnational judicial inquiries in the EU" - book_chapter

Mutual Recognition, Judicial Inquiries, Due Process and Fundamental Rights

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by Kai AMBOS - article

Is the development of a common substantive criminal law for Europe possible? Some preliminary reflections

The road to a common European Criminal Law, notwithstanding the politic, towards the further 'Europeanisation' of our laws against the background of multi by transnational crime, is littered with...
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by Gerard CONWAY - article

Judicial Interpretation and the Third Pillar: Ireland’s Acceptance of the European Arrest Warrant and the Gözütok and Brügge Case

This article discusses the potential effects of a declaration by Ireland on its acceptance of the European Arrest Warrant (stating Ireland's opposition to investigative detention) on the...
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by Theodora CHRISTOU and Juan Pablo RAYMOND (Eds.) - book

European Court of Human Rights: remedies and execution of judgments

This publication combines several papers resulting from a conference held at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in 2003. Topics include: a comparative view on the...
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by Asbjorn STRANDBAKKEN in Torbjorn ANDERSSON (Ed.), "Parallel and conflicting enforcement of law" - book_chapter

Applying different evidentiary standards to criminal conviction and conpensation: A parallel and conflict enforcement of law?

This anthology contains essays on the subject of parallel proceedings, based on interventions by a multinational assembly of scholars, judges and lawyers at a symposium held in Thoresta, Sweden....
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by Lorenzo PICOTTI in John A.E. VERVAELE (Ed.), "European evidence warrant: Transnational judicial inquiries in the EU" and Francesca RUGGIERI - book_chapter

La perspective du procureur européen: vers un système de droit pénal commun

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by Mar JIMENO-BULNES in Coral ARANGUENA FANEGO (Ed.), "Procedural safeguards in criminal proceedings throughout the European Union" - book_chapter

Free access to interpretation and translation

The fundamental right to free interpretation and translation is examined here in the light of both European and national legislation as well as judicial practice in Spain. From the first...
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