The Borderlands of Criminal Law Conference

Date: 20 to 21-06-2024

Location: Faculty of Law University of Windsor, Canada

Languages: English

Organiser: University of Windsor, Canada


Where: Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

When: June 20-21, 2024

Deadline: 9 October 2023 - by email to

The Transnational Criminal Law Review and the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law, invites academics, policy makers, lawyers, and members of civil society to participate in the first Transnational Criminal Law Review Conference. In hosting its first conference, the Transnational Criminal Law Review seeks to bring interested individuals together in person to promote dialogue, scholarship, and collaboration in the area of transnational criminal law.

The conference will cover several topics in the field of cooperation concerning cross border crime, including:

  • Substantive areas of legal cooperation including, but not limited to, transnational organised crime, terrorism, cybercrime, drug trafficking, trafficking in cultural property, trafficking in endangered species, slavery, money laundering, environmental dumping, corruption, migrant smuggling, weapons smuggling, child sex tourism, transnational intellectual property offences, piracy and maritime safety offences;
  • Procedural areas of legal cooperation such as jurisdiction, police cooperation, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, asset recovery, extradition, and other forms of international law enforcement cooperation; and
  • General theoretical and doctrinal issues relating to transnational criminal law and justice such as the theory of transnational criminal law, the UN criminal justice system and regional criminal justice systems, and the protection of human rights of perpetrators and victims in transnational criminal law.

The period for the submission of papers has EXPIRED.