Extradition and surrender

Date: 14 to 15-05-2020

Location: Leiden University

Languages: English

Fees: € 0.6

Organiser: Leiden University, Maastricht University and Utrecht University

Website: https://www.leidenlawconference.nl/legal-courses/2020/conference-on-extradition-and-surrender/

Type: Conference

Leiden University, Utrecht University and Maastricht University are organizing a two day conference on extradition and surrender, offering a venue for practitioners and young scholars to exchange experiences and ideas on these subject matters. We aim to: - Identify current trends and issues in both extradition law and the European arrest warrant mechanism (EAW); - Identify the further impact (or: side-effects, such as harmonising effects) of recent case-law on extradition and surrender on national criminal law and procedure: - Discuss potential approaches to occurring and recurring obstacles to extradition and surrender; - Discuss possible future initiatives in the areas of extradition and surrender; Involve practitioners and early-career researchers and offer the latter a platform to discuss their ideas with senior experts.