Annual Conference on Countering Terrorism 2016: The New EU Directive on Combating Terrorism, Tools and Ongoing Challenges

Date: 01 to 02-12-2016

Location: Trier

Languages: English

Organiser: Academy of European Law (ERA)


Objective This annual conference will analyse the latest developments in the European Union’s response to the threat of terrorism, with a focus on the new EU Directive on combating terrorism, the European Agenda on Security, as well as the European Commission’s latest proposals to tackle violent radicalisation leading to terrorism. Key topics • The new EU Directive on combating terrorism, replacing Council Framework Decision 2002/475/JHA, and the need to establish EU-wide minimum rules concerning terrorist offences, offences related to terrorist groups and activities, as well as specific measures of protection and assistance to victims of terrorism • Measures to improve cross-border cooperation in relation to the exchange of information, investigations, arrests and prosecutions • Dealing with radicalised individuals and foreign fighters • Other EU measures of relevance in countering terrorism: the EU Action Plan for strengthening the fight against terrorist financing, the new PNR Directive, the draft Directive on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons