Electronic Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

Date: 29-02-2016 to 01-03-2016

Location: Lisbon

Languages: English

Fees: € 0

Organiser: ERA

Website: https://www.era.int/cgi-bin/cms?_SID=f741c9bf76664f5d626bc9f2cf27ec154b51a9ab00431445045443&_sprache=en&_bereich=artikel&_aktion=detail&idartikel=125489

Type: Conference

Today, almost all criminal courts are confronted with the question of whether or not electronic evidence presented in criminal proceedings is admissible. Rules governing the admissibility of electronic evidence vary in the legal framework of different Member States and are continuously challenged by the evolution of technological devices such as computers, mobile phones, printers and digital cameras. All these devices create many opportunities for the commission of crimes, such as phishing, identity theft, online child pornography and internet fraud.

This conference aims at promoting advanced knowledge, exchange of experience and best practices between judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from EU Member States who are dealing with criminal proceedings where e-evidence is involved. This will improve participants' knowledge of the strategies and techniques used in different European countries and will ultimately improve cross-border cooperation among Member States’ authorities.