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by Claudio MATERA, Maria FLETCHER (English)

The European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

This book presents a collection of essays on key topics and new perspectives on the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ). Europe’s area of freedom, security and justice is of increasing importance in contemporary EU law and legislation. It is worthy of special research attention because of its high-stakes content (particularly from an individual and a state perspective) and because its development to date has tangentially thrown up some of the most important and contentious constitutional questions in EU law. As the AFSJ becomes more and more intertwined with ‘mainstream’ EU law, this edited collection provides a timely analysis of the merger between the two. Showcasing a selection of work from key thinkers in this field, the book is organised around the major AFSJ themes of crime, security, border control, civil law cooperation and important ‘meta’ issues of governance and constitutional law. It also analyses the major constitutional and governance challenges such as variable geometry, institutional dynamics, and interface with rights around data protection/secrecy/spying. In the concluding section of the book the editors consider the extent to which the different facets of the AFSJ can be construed in a coherent and systematic manner within the EU legal system, as well as identifying potential future research agendas.

Journal/Publisher: Routledge

Co-author/s: Ester HERLIN-KARNELL (Eds.)

Publication type: Book

Number of pages/Page range: 280

Language/s (content): English

Date of publication: 01-12-16

Personal data

Full name Claudio MATERA

Current occupation Member

University/Institution University of Twente

Address Drienerlolaan 5

Postal code NL-7500 AE Ensch