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by Steve PEERS (English)

EU Justice and Home Affairs (4th edition) - Volume I: EU Immigration and Asylum Law

Steve Peers' seminal text on the justice and home affairs law of the European Union appears in its fourth edition and is now available in two separate volumes covering asylum and immigration law, and criminal law, policing, and civil law, and as a two-volume set. It provides a detailed examination of EU legislation and case law on the issues of immigration, asylum, visas, border controls, and police and criminal law cooperation, discussing the impact and ongoing development of EU law. This edition is the definitive guide to these intricate, contentious, and fast-developing areas of EU law, and will be invaluable to scholars, practitioners, and students in the field.

EU Asylum and Immigration Law examines in detail the EU legislation and case law on the issues of immigration, asylum, visas and border controls, discussing the impact and ongoing development of EU law in these complex and controversial areas. The updated edition particularly covers new EU legislation, case law, and operational developments since 2010 on: internal border checks; external border controls; visa lists; litigation to obtain a visa; the Schengen Information System; the Visa Information System; family reunion; non-EU students; long-term residents; all aspects of refugee law (including the definition of 'refugee' and subsidiarity protection, the rights of asylum-seekers, and Member States' responsibility for asylum-seekers); and irregular migrants' rights. It also covers the institutional framework for these issues, the related human rights aspects, and the connections with other areas of EU law, like the free movement of EU citizens.

Journal/Publisher: Oxford University Press

Publication type: Book

Number of pages/Page range: 640

Language/s (content): English

Date of publication: 24-03-16

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Full name Steve PEERS

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University/Institution University of Essex

Address Wivenhoe Park

Postal code CO4 3SQ

Telephone 0044 1206 873333