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by Katja SUGMAN in Anthony MOORE (Ed.), "Police and Judicial Co-operation in the European Union" (Slovenian)

Criminal Law in the European Union: A Giant Leap or a Small Step: Slovenia

Written for the XXI FIDE Congress taking place in Dublin in June 2004, this book is the most wide ranging and comprehensive international survey of the topic ever undertaken. It covers how 22 EU members (both current and accession states) are adapting their constitutions and criminal laws to provide for judicial and police co-operation with other member states with the aim of tackling cross-border crime. Each country's report was submitted by a national expert in the field, and sets out in detail the legal instruments with which the EU is developing this area, and how states are meeting the challenge of adapting their laws. The reports also outline the problems encountered, and make suggestions as to how co-operation can be made more efficient whilst continuing to safeguard civil liberties.

• A valuable collection of expert analysis on the subject by contributors from a range of European countries • Includes selected reports from the countries joining the EU in 2004 • Reports detail, amongst other things, of how European Law is facilitating police and judicial co-operation with other EU member states

Journal/Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Publication type: Article

Number of pages/Page range: 291-309

Language/s (content): Slovenian

Date of publication: 01-06-04

Personal data

Full name Katja SUGMAN

Current occupation Contact Point

University/Institution University of Ljubljana

Address Poljanski Nasip 2

Postal code 1000

Country Slovenia

Telephone +386 1 4203 187