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by Jaan GINTER (English)

Compatibility of the Estonian Penal Law to the Need for Protection of Financial Interests of the European Union

 The objective of this study is to analyse and assess compatibility of the Estonian penal law to the need for protection of financial interests of the European Union.

The compatibility is assessed on three levels:

(1)a description of the status quaestionis of the financial protection of the EU financial interests in Estonia (lex lata). This level describes the law as it stands with respect to the given question. It explains how the financial interests of the EU are protected under the Estonian positive law;

(2)a description of the short-term perspectives in view of accession (lex ferenda). This level describes the Estonian efforts to make its legislation compatible with the acquis communautaire. It describes the laws that have been adopted and the draft legislation that has been proposed with this objective;

(3)a description of the long-term perspectives (lex desiderata). This level addresses the question of the compatibility of the Corpus Juris 2000 with the current Estonian legal order. The following question are addressed: would there be legal obstacles to the introduction of the Corpus Juris in the Estonian legal order and, if so, can these obstacles be overcome and how.

Journal/Publisher: Juridica International, 2001 VI

Publication type: Study

Number of pages/Page range: 184-197

Language/s (content): English

Date of publication: 01-06-01

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