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by Katja SUGMAN in Petrus VAN DUYNE, Matjaž JAGER, Klaus VON LAMPE and James NEWEL (Eds.), "Threaths and Phantoms of Organized Crime, Corruption and Terrorism: Critical European Perspectives" (Slovenian)

A crytical analysis, from a Slovenian perspective, of Corpus Juris and the Green Paper

The purpose of this paper is to offer a critical analysis of the evolving framework of EU criminal procedure. My discussion will be undertaken on three levels: on the first, more limited one, I will describe the differences between the proposed solutions and Slovenian legislation; examine the possibilities of achieving harmonisation, and analyse the consequences of harmonisation on the structure and judicial practice of Slovenian criminal proceedings. The second level involves a critical assessment of the ‘European’ model of criminal procedure and the institution of the EPP proposed by the CJ and the GP. The third level concerns the most complex, important and difficult (and for that reason perhaps unanswerable) questions - those concerning underlying values and their impact on the nature of criminal procedures in general.

Journal/Publisher: Wolf Legal Publishers

Publication type: Article

Number of pages/Page range: 253-273

Language/s (content): Slovenian

Date of publication: 01-10-04

Personal data

Full name Katja SUGMAN

Current occupation Contact Point

University/Institution University of Ljubljana

Address Poljanski Nasip 2

Postal code 1000

Country Slovenia

Telephone +386 1 4203 187