Surrender of persons in the Greater China Region: role model of EAW

The European Arrest Warrant has replaced the previous extradition system in European Union, it is of both evolution and revolution. It is based on the mutual recognition and the whole procedures are simplified and speeded up, its efficiency has been proved during more than 10 years’ practice. Very likely, it can be a role model for the Greater China Region. The four territories in Greater China Region, that is Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are independent from each other but also closely related to each other which is similar to the relations among the Member States in European Union. The judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the Greater China Region, especially in the part of surrender of persons is also a big issue just as that in the European Union. Considering some important substantive aspects such as the category of double criminality check, if the nationals can be surrendered are the source of the bid dispute, but these points have been addressed quite well in European Union. So, the EAW may be a model to explore the surrender of persons in the Greater China Region

Personal data

Author: Yin Yanhong

University/Institution: University of Luxembourg

Short bio: Yin Yanhong holds a Master’s degree from the Beijing Normal University in China, and now is a PhD student in the University of Luxembourg, her research is on the surrender of persons in the Greater China Region: the role model of EAW, aims to use the European Arrest Warrant as a possible reference to explore how the system of surrender of persons in Greater China Region(Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)can be constructed.


Phd Document

Provisional title: Surrender of persons in the Greater China Region: role model of EAW

Name of supervisor/s: Katalin Ligeti

Language: English

Starting date: 2015-09-01

Excpected end date: 2019-08-31