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The University of Tilburg is recruiting PhD Researchers in the fields of Law and Security

The programme addresses the following five underlying questions: (i) How should we understand crime and behaviour ‘undermining’ the rule of law and security in the current societal context? What are its manifestations, context and causes? (ii) How to strengthen legal avenues to cope with these challenges undermining the rule of law and security within complex and globalized societies? (iii) How should we understand and assess the multiple and changing governance levels (including its different actors) – beyond the role of the state – at which crime and behaviour are addressed? (iv) How are emerging technologies and digitalisation related to crime and behaviour undermining the rule of law and security – as challenges and as potential solutions? (v) How can we counter global crime at a domestic level and strengthen transnational and international collaboration to respond to international crimes and ensure respect for the rule of law and security?

Candidates with an interdisciplinary socio-legal background as well as researchers who prefer a more doctrinal approach are invited to submit a research proposal on one or more of the above research questions.

The call will be open until 12 March 2023.

More details are available at the link attached.