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ECLAN is looking for new Contact Points in Greece and France!

In order to fulfil the Network’s objectives, and considering its development and evolution, the ECLAN network is looking for new contact points for Greece and France.

Candidates are invited to send a CV as well as a motivation letter (of maximum one page) before 15th September 2020 to the following email address:

Description of the position:

  • Participation to the Annual Contact Points Meeting
  • Participation to the scientific and academic activities of the network (conferences, publications)
  • Collaboration to other activities, e.g. participation and/ or support to the Summer School, organisation of Annual PhD Seminar, draft of national reports in the framework of research projects, submissions of applications for EU funded projects, etc.
  • Act as intermediary between experts in national criminal law of the Member State represented and the network.


  • Expertise as academic or researcher in the field of EU Criminal law
  • Availability to take part in the network's activities
  • Well established position in the national academic/scientific environement of the MS represented
  • Good knowledge of English.

Before applying please carefully read the relevant provisions of the ECLAN functioning rules available on our website.