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The Stockholm programme: an open and secure Europe serving the citizen

The Stockholm Programme sets out the European Union’s (EU) priorities for the area of justice, freedom and security for the period 2010-14. Building on the achievements of its predecessors the Tampere and Hague programmes, it aims to meet future challenges and further strengthen the area of justice, freedom and security with actions focusing on the interests and needs of citizens.

In order to provide a secure Europe where the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens are respected, the Stockholm Programme focuses on the following priorities:

  • Europe of rights
  • Europe of justice
  • Europe that protects
  • Access to Europe
  • Europe of solidarity
  • Europe in a globalised world

type: Programme

Reference number: 115

Issue date: 11-12-09

Official Journal: OJ C 115, 4.5.2010, pp. 1-38


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