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Council Common Position 2001/931/CFSP of 27 December 2001 on the application of specific measures to combat terrorism

This common position provides for the drawing up of a list of individuals, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts whose funds and financial assets must be frozen.

The extraordinary European Council of 21 September 2001 defined terrorism as one of the main challenges facing the world and identified the fight against terrorism as one of the European Union’s (EU) priority objectives. The purpose of this common position is to apply further measures to combat terrorism, in addition to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001). Specifically, it establishes a list of individuals, groups and entities involved in terrorism whose funds and other financial assets are to be frozen as part of the fight against the financing of terrorism.

type: Common Position

Reference number: 344

Issue date: 27-12-01

Official Journal: OJ L 344, 28.12.2001, pp. 93–96


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