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Pál Aranyosi and Robert Căldăraru

In its judgment of 5th April 2016, the Court of Justice has ruled out that "the execution of a European arrest warrant must be deferred if there is a real risk of inhuman or degrading treatment because of the conditions of detention of the person concerned in the Member State where the warrant was issued. If the existence of that risk cannot be discounted within a reasonable period, the authority responsible for the execution of the warrant must decide whether the surrender procedure should be brought to an end" (Press release No 36/16).

The questions referred were the following:

  • Is Article 1(3) of the Council Framework Decision on the European arrest warrant (…) to be interpreted as meaning that extradition for the purposes of prosecution is impermissible where there are strong indications that detention conditions in the issuing Member State infringe the fundamental rights of the person concerned and the fundamental legal principles as enshrined in Article 6 of the Treaty on European Union, or is it to be interpreted as meaning that, in such circumstances, the executing Member State can or must make the decision on the permissibility of extradition conditional upon an assurance that detention conditions are compliant? To that end, can or must the executing Member State lay down specific minimum requirements applicable to the detention conditions in respect of which an assurance is sought?
  • Are Articles 5 and 6(1) of the Council Framework Decision on the European arrest warrant (…) to be interpreted as meaning that the issuing judicial authority is also entitled to give assurances that detention conditions are compliant, or do assurances in this regard remain subject to the domestic rules of competence in the issuing Member State?

Case Number Joined cases C-404/15 and C-659/15 PPU

Name of the parties Criminal proceedings against Pál Aranyosi and Robert Căldăraru

Date of the judgement 2016-04-05

Court Court of Justice (ECJ)


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