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On 25 June 2020, AG Campos Sanchez-Bordona delivered his opinion in case C‑393/19, which concludes as follows:

Article 2(1) of Council Framework Decision 2005/212/JHA of 24 February 2005 on Confiscation of Crime-Related Proceeds, Instrumentalities and Property, taken in conjunction with Article 17(1) of the Charter on Fundamental Rights of the European Union, must be interpreted as precluding a provision that allows a means of transport used to commit aggravated smuggling to be confiscated for the benefit of the State where that means of transport belongs to a bona fide third party who neither knew nor could or should have known that it would be used to commit the offence.

Case Number C‑393/19

Name of the parties Okrazhna prokuratura — Haskovo, Apelativna prokuratura — Plovdiv v OM

Date of the judgement 2020-06-25


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