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Training action for legal practitioners: fundamental rights, European Union and judicial cooperation in criminal matters between law and language

Aims of the project : 1) to promote the mutual knowledge of Member State’s legal and judicial systems and the Developing of a European judicial culture; 2) to increase the knowledge amongst legal practitioners of the EU legal instruments and policies in the field of criminal justice

Short title: Training action for legal practitioners

Project coordinator: University of Insubria

Project partner/s: University of Catania; University of Trento; University of Paris II; Eurojust - Italian Desk; Unione camere penali italiane; Centro Studi di diritto penale europeo

Financial support: European Commission (Grant Agreement JUST / 2009 / JPEN / AG / 0635 - 30 CE - 0369604//00-12)

Contact person: Francesca Ruggieri

Starting date: 28-09-12

(Expected) end date: 01-09-12