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Evaluation of the Legal Framework Applicable to Combating Terrorism in the EU Member States

The objectives of this study are to provide the Commission with:

(1) Updated information on the legally binding rules adopted by the Member States to fight against "public provocation to commit a terrorist offence", "recruitment for terrorism", "training for terrorism" and ancillary offences as defined in the Framework Decision 2008/919/JHA ;

(2) Factual information on the practical implementation of the existing legal framework by presenting data on the number and type of cases relating to the offences covered by the Framework Decision which have been reported to and dealt with by competent national authorities; 

(3) A description of the state of play in each Member State assessing the correctness or incorrectness of the transposition. The above information will contribute to an assessment of the added value and impacts of the Framework Decision in the Member States.

Project coordinator: CSES

Project partner/s: ECLAN (subcontractor)

Financial support: European Commission, DG Home

Contact person: Jack Malan (CSES)

Starting date: 15-02-13

(Expected) end date: 31-07-15

ECLAN involvement: Yes