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by Sabine GLESS - article

Bird's-eye view and worm's-eye view: towards a defendant-based approach in transnational criminal law

While the classic approach to transnational law provides a valuable tool for identifying the legal frameworks governing transborder occurrences, it falls short of covering all relevant aspects of transnational criminal law (TCL). This article argues that criminal law – unlike other areas of law– is fundamentally a state-oriented concept, leading to unique problems when implemented across state...
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by Wouter VAN BALLEGOOIJ - book

The nature of mutual recognition in European law: Re-examining the notion from an individual rights perspective with a view to its further development in the criminal justice area

There is substantial disagreement in academic literature over how to address the tensions between the application of mutual recognition and the safeguarding of individual rights, particularly in...
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by Sabine GLESS and Jeannine MARTIN in Michele CAIANIELLO and Jacqueline S. HODGSON (Eds.), Discretionary criminal justice in a comparative context" - collective_book

Water always finds its way - discretion and the concept of exclusionary rules in the Swiss Criminal Procedure Code

When the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure entered into force in January 2011, criminal proceedings -including the gathering and use of evidence and related exclusionary rules- became heavily...
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by Paul DE HERT and Gertjan BOULET in Hartmut ADEN (Ed.), "Police Cooperation in the European Union under the Treaty of Lisbon" - book_chapter

Cooperation between the private sector and law enforcement agencies: an area in between legal regulations. In: Police Cooperation in the European Union under the Treaty of Lisbon. Opportunities and limitations

This paper builds upon earlier work in which we identified, both at the EU and the international level, proposals for more cooperation between the private sector and law enforcement agencies...
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by Roberto KOSTORIS - article

A European Public Prosecutor Office against Eurofinancial Crimes: Which Future?

The establishment of a European Public Prosecutor's Office for the fight against the crimes affecting the financial interests of the Union constitutes a complex and rough path. The article...
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by Celine COCQ and Anne WEYEMBERGH in Kent ROACH (Ed.), "Comparative counter-terrorism law" - book_chapter


Terrorism law is as international as it is regionally distinct and as difficult to define as it is essential to address. Given recent pressures to harmonize terrorism laws from international...
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by Florin STRETEANU in Collective book, "Europe(s), droit(s) européen(s) : une passion d'universitaire Liber amicorum en l'honneur du professeur Vlad Constantinesco" - article

Vers un modèle européen de responsabilité pénale des personnes morales

Ce Liber Amicorum Vlad Constantinesco réunit en un recueil plus de 35 contributions provenant d’universitaires d’une douzaine d’États membres de l’Union européenne. Il s’agit d’un hommage rendu...
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