ECLAN is a network of researchers and academics engaging in EU criminal law across 32 countries.  It aims at developing academic research and training in the field of EU criminal law by facilitating collaborations and synergies between universities and research centres.  ECLAN organises conferences and edits publications, hosts a summer school and a PhD seminar dedicated to the EU area of criminal justice, and publishes a quarterly newsletter dedicated to recent developments in the field.

Recent Developments

OG (Parquet de Lübeck) and PI (Parquet de Zwickau)

On the 6th of August 2018, the Irish Supreme Court lodged a request for a preliminary ruling in the frame of the surrender procedure of O.G. (C-508/18). The Irish Court referred the following quest...
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Recent News & Events

Call for papers - Conference "Towards European Criminal Law" (Nantes, France | 6-7 Feb. 2020)

The gradual increase of the European Union’s competences in the field of criminal law, and the growing ambition of the European Commission’s proposals, make criminal law one of the areas of EU law ...
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Recent Publications

Is the European Protection Order Sufficiently Robust to Prevent Any Discrimination Among Victims Moving Across the European Union? An Assessment of the First Seven Years

The purpose of this paper is, on the one hand, to highlight the reasons that have thus far prevented a systematic and widespread recourse to the commendable (in intent at least) European Protection...
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