ECLAN is a network of researchers and academics engaging in EU criminal law across 32 countries.  It aims at developing academic research and training in the field of EU criminal law by facilitating collaborations and synergies between universities and research centres.  ECLAN organises conferences and edits publications, hosts a summer school and a PhD seminar dedicated to the EU area of criminal justice, and publishes a quarterly newsletter dedicated to recent developments in the field.

Recent Developments

Beshkov *

This case involves Framework Decision 2008/675 on taking account of convictions in the Member States of the European Union in the course of new criminal proceedings, which the Court is called upon ...
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Recent News & Events

EU Defence Rights in Criminal Proceedings: What Remedies?

The effectiveness of defence rights granted by EU legal instruments does not simply rely on their correct implementation under national law, but also depends on the existence of enforcement and con...
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Recent Publications

The limits of asset confiscation: on the legitimacy of extended appropriation of criminal proceeds

This book provides a normative analysis of the justifications and limits of asset confiscation as a crime control measure in a comparative perspective. More specifically, it deals with what in ...
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