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by Sergio Carrera; Valsamis Mitsilegas; Marco Stefan; Fabio Giuffrida - study

Criminal Justice and Police Cooperation between the EU and the UK after Brexit - Towards a principled and trust-based partnership

Brexit poses several challenges for future interaction between the EU and the UK in the areas of criminal justice and police cooperation. A new legal framework will be required to sustain the EU’s relations with the UK – an active participant in numerous EU criminal justice and police cooperation instruments – once it leaves the Union. The negotiations on the exit of the UK from the EU must...
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by Leandro Mancano - article

Judicial Harmonisation through Autonomous Concepts of European Union Law. The Example of the European Arrest Warrant Framework Decision

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has been a key institutional actor for the promotion of legal integration within the EU. On many occasions, such a function has been performed to...
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by Miroslava Schloten and Michiel Luchtman - collective_book

Law Enforcement by EU Authorities: Implications for Political and Judicial Accountability

Law Enforcement by EU Authorities is the first comprehensive study of a new development in the field of EU law and governance: the proliferation of EU enforcement authorities (EEAs). It offers an...
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by Jacob Öberg - book

Limits to EU Powers: A Case Study of EU Regulatory Criminal Law

Pursuant to the precepts of EU law, EU policy-makers are bound to ensure that any EU legislation must fall within the remit of the EU's competences. This monograph looks at this highly contested...
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by Johan Boucht - book

The limits of asset confiscation: on the legitimacy of extended appropriation of criminal proceeds

This book provides a normative analysis of the justifications and limits of asset confiscation as a crime control measure in a comparative perspective. More specifically, it deals with what in...
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by Michael Dougan - book

The UK after Brexit

The UK after Brexit is the result of a cooperation between a group of leading academics from top institutions in the UK and beyond. It offers students, practitioners and scholars an authoritative,...
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by Malin Thunberg Schunke - book

Extended confiscation in criminal law

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the measure of extended confiscation as an instrument of criminal policy. National and international regimes on confiscation are viewed from a...
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