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by Irene WIECZOREK - article

The EPPO Draft Regulation Passes the First Subsidiarity Test: An Analysis and Interpretation of the European Commission’s Hasty Approach to National Parliaments’ Subsidiarity Arguments

This contribution discusses National Parliaments’ subsidiarity objections raised in the context of the Early Warning Mechanism (EWM) to the European Public Prosecutor Office proposal, and the European Commission response to them. It argues that National Parliaments raised important points, on how does subsidiarity apply respectively, when the wording of the Treaty grants the Council the option...
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by Ricardo Pereira - book

Environmental Criminal Liability and Enforcement in European and International Law

The drive for harmonisation of environmental criminal standards at both the international and European level emerges from the increasing recognition of the scale and seriousness of environmental...
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by John A.E. VERVAELE - article

Schengen and Charter related ne bis in idem protection in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: M and Zoran Spasic

The references in M. and Zoran Spasic raise important legal issues about the transnational application of the ne bis in idem right in the AFSJ.
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by Paul DE HERT, Serge GUTWIRTH and Ronald LEENES (Eds.) - collective_book

Reforming European Data Protection

This book on privacy and data protection offers readers conceptual analysis as well as thoughtful discussion of issues, practices, and solutions. It features results of the seventh annual...
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by Radostin BELENSKY - book

Forensic examination of signatures

This series was created in order to provide the pragmatic information on basic and necessary steps in forensic document examinations. The book “Forensic Examination of Signatures” suggests some of...
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by Samuli MIETTINEN and Niklas VAINIO - article

Telecommunications data retention after Digital Rights Ireland: legislative and judicial reactions in the Member States

The EU Data Retention Directive required retention of telecommunications metadata to make investigation, detection and prosecution of terrorism and serious crime more effective. In April 2014, the...
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by Sabine GLESS - article

Bird's-eye view and worm's-eye view: towards a defendant-based approach in transnational criminal law

While the classic approach to transnational law provides a valuable tool for identifying the legal frameworks governing transborder occurrences, it falls short of covering all relevant aspects of...
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