PhD Database

Irene Wieczorek

The Legitimacy of EU Criminal Law

My research question is to what extent does the EU follow a normative agenda in the field of harmonisation of substantive criminal law. More in details my project investigates the role for the “enforcement” and the “normative” rationale within the EU approach to criminalisation. The former perspective implies using criminal law as an enforcement tool to regulate human conducts. According to...
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Stijn Lamberigts

The right to silence of corporations

The research topic of this doctoral thesis is the right to silence of corporations. The issue is highly relevant in view of the importance of corporations in society and the use of corporate...
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Chiara Maria Ricci

The Role of Criminal Law in the Enforcement of the EU’s External Border Policy

Border and migration laws generally spell out the conditions of entry and stay of third-country nationals in the jurisdiction of the State, set out rules on border crossing and orchestrate the...
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