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Charlotte Saumagne

Gestion des biens criminels au sein de l'Union européenne

« La justice n’est véritablement rendue que lorsque les décisions judiciaires sont exécutées ». En conséquence de quoi la peine de confiscation ne sera effective que lorsque l'Etat sera en pleine possession des biens criminels confisqués. La gestion des biens criminels est en ce sens un dispositif important de la réalisation effective de la peine de confiscation. Mettre en place une...
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Moritz Klein

Restrictions on criminal appeal in the EU and the US

In recent years, there has been a growing tendency in many legal systems including the US and several jurisdictions in Europe to limit, directly or indirectly, the possibilities of appeal. In...
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W.S. de Zanger

Shifts in the application of confiscation measures and its effects on the legal position of the convicted person

Due to a change in legislation, the financial capacity of convicted persons mainly plays a role in the execution phase of confiscation measures. This can result in a less accurate determination of...
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Yin Yanhong

Surrender of persons in the Greater China Region: role model of EAW

The European Arrest Warrant has replaced the previous extradition system in European Union, it is of both evolution and revolution. It is based on the mutual recognition and the whole procedures...
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Sanne Buisman

The criminalisation of imputable non-performances of a purchase agreement at the Dutch and EU-level

This PhD-project researches the criminalisation of imputable non-performances of a purchase agreement at the Dutch and EU-level (hereinafter: INP). This research will answer the question whether...
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Leandro Mancano

The EU Legislative and Judicial Approach to Deprivation of Liberty

The research question of this thesis is the following: which is the EU legislative and judicial approach to deprivation of liberty? My methodological assumption is that the starting point in a...
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Chloé Brière

The external dimension of the EU-policy in the fight against trafficking in human beings.

My research deals with the European Union's policy to prevent and fight against trafficking in human beings (THB). While taking into account the evolution of the definition of THB, as well as the...
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