The Impact of European Union Law on National Criminal Law Challenges and Constraints to Individual Liability in the Member State

Date: 30-06-2017

Location: Edinburgh

Languages: English

Fees: € 0

Organiser: Europa Institute, Queen Mary University of London, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

The aim of the workshop is to discuss landmark judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) arising from the interaction between criminal liability at national level, on the one hand, and rights and principles protected by EU law, on the other. The analysis will focus not only on the relationship between Union norms and criminal liability per se, but also on the effects that the latter has on individual rights protected by EU law. We evaluate the impact of the following decisions on EU, and national, laws, by taking into account their substantive contribution to (1) the area concerned and (2) the definition of the rights at stake: C- 387/02, Berlusconi et al. (substantive criminal law - retroactivity of more lenient penalties); C-105/14, Taricco (procedural criminal law - principle of legality); C-617/10, Fransson (scope of application of the Charter - ne bis in idem); C-304/14, C. S. (EU Citizenship - protection against expulsion and effects of criminal convictions), C-61/11 PPU, El Dridi (immigration – effectiveness of EU Law and de-criminalisation).