Annual Conference on EU Border Management 2016: Frontex, Schengen Evaluations, Smart Borders and Irregular Migration

Date: 29 to 30-09-2016

Location: Trier

Languages: English

Organiser: Academy of European Law (ERA)


Type: Annual Conference

Objective This conference will debate the latest developments and challenges in the EU’s internal and external border management. It will analyse the latest reforms and proposals on Schengen governance, as well as Frontex’ role and responsibilities in the face of rising migratory concerns and irregular border crossings and the threat of radicalised foreign fighters. Key topics - Latest Schengen evaluations (SCHEVAL) in Member States, including unannounced visits and the situation in Greece - Frontex: latest migratory trends and routes, joint border operations, - Eurosur and the move towards a European Border and Coast Guard (proposed Regulation) - Operation Sophia: the EU Naval Force Mediterranean’s (EUNAVFOR MED) active operation to counter smugglers, destroy their assets, cooperate with Libyan authorities and uphold the UN arms embargo - Latest EU-wide measures to gather information on migration flows and tackle trafficking of human beings and the use of false documents - The revised Smart Borders Package: the next steps in implementation and the latest results from the related pilot project - The new Passenger Name Records (PNR) Directive A visit to the village of Schengen and its European Museum Schengen will form part of the conference.