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Directive 2014/57/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on criminal sanctions for market abuse

The Directive on criminal sanctions for market abuse (Market Abuse Directive) complements the Market Abuse Regulation by requiring all Member States to provide for harmonised criminal offences of insider dealing and market manipulation, and to impose maximum criminal penalties of not less than 4 and 2 years imprisonment for the most serious market abuse offences. Member States will have to make sure that such behaviour, including the manipulation of benchmarks, is a criminal offence, punishable with effective sanctions everywhere in Europe.

Implementation is due by 3 July 2016.

type: Directive

Reference number: 2014/57/EU

Issue date: 16-04-14

Official Journal: OJ L 173, 12.6.2014, pp. 179–189


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