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Agreement between the European Union and Australia on the processing and transfer of Passenger Name Record (PNR) (...)

The agreement replaces the agreement signed in 2008 which was provisionally applicable even if it had never been ratified by the EU. Under the Lisbon Treaty, conclusion of the 2008 agreement by the EU required approval by the European Parliament. The European Parliament postponed its vote but requested a new agreement. The Council adopted the mandate for negotiations on 2 December 2010. Negotiations between the Commission and the Australian government were finalized during the first semester 2011 and the agreement was signed on 29 September 2011. The Parliament gave its consent to the conclusion of the Agreement on 27 October. The Decision to conclude the agreement was adopted on 13 December 2011, and the Agreement shall enter into forme 1 June 2012.

The main purpose of the Agreement is to ensure the exchange of European passenger information, known as Passenger Name Record or PNR data with Australian Customs pursuant to which this service assesses the risk a passenger may pose to Australian security with the aim of ensuring security and to protect the life and safety of the public. The Agreement will also foster international police and judicial cooperation through the transfer of analytical information flowing from PNR data by the U.S. to the competent Member States authorities as well as Europol and Eurojust within their respective competences.

type: Agreement

Reference number: 186

Issue date: 13-12-11

Official Journal: OJ L 186, 14.7.2012, pp. 4–16


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