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Gestoras Pro Amnestia and Segi

The Court of Justice rejects the appeals brought by Gestoras Pro-Amnistía and Segi claiming compensation following their inclusion on the list of persons, groups or entities involved in acts of terrorism. 

The appellants are not deprived of all effective judicial protection and the orders of the Court of First Instance do not prejudice their right to such protection. 

Both cases were appeal against judgments of the Court of First Instance: T-333/02 (Gestoras Pro Amnistia) and T-338/02 (Segi). 

Case Number C-354/04P and C-355/04P

Name of the parties Gestoras Pro Amnistia (C-354/04 P) and Segi (C-355/04 P) v. Council of the European Union

Date of the judgement 2007-02-27

Court Court of Justice of the European Communities (ECEJ)


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