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A and Others

Actions by armed forces during periods of armed conflict, within the meaning of international humanitarian law, may constitute 'terrorist acts' for the purposes of EU law. Therefore, the Grand Chamber upheld the validity of the acts of the European Union relating to the inclusion of the ‘Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’ (LTTE) on the list of those whose funds are to be frozen. The LTTE is an entity which fought a civil war against the Sri Lankan Government with a view to creating an independent State for the Tamil people in the north and east of Sri Lanka and which has been categorised as a ‘terrorist’ organisation by the EU for approximately 10 years.

Source: Press Release of the CJEU, 29/17, 14 March 2017

Case Number C-158/14

Name of the parties A and Others v Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken

Date of the judgement 2017-03-14

Court Court of Justice (ECJ)


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